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EmoChart Collaborators

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Lead: LR (Lynne-Rachel) Altman

Visual artist with a background in sculpture and design using art as a healing modality. Rooted in public art, social practice, and the bay area community. Co-Department head of the Glass Coldworking and Kiln Casting at The Crucible, Oakland

Sound: Richard Jennings

Composer of over 20 productions of original musicals, over 50 scores for plays (including 30 Shakespeare), with credits from Tony Award winning theatres, film, network TV & Disney

Spanish Translation: Yadira Cazares

Gallery Owner, Curator, Consultant, Workshop Developer, Community Advocate

Project Consultant: Diane Kaplan PhD

Dr. Kaplan has has been working in the field of community mental health since 1984. She has a MS Counseling Psychology, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Kaplan serves as the director of the Wright Institute Clinic, Berkeley, CA.

Electric Flow: Peter E.V. Allen

Peter E.V. Allen is a visual artist, legal expert, musician, blogger, and documentary photographer. He has a background in lighting, design, all things electric, and Audio/Visual installation.

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